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Wechsel Garland

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Blissful, vindictive, and untouched by intellectual chill-out's malicious humor, Jorg Follert's debut as Wechsel Garland mixed leisured drum loops and double-note violins and sounded neither like something from outer space nor something a socially awkward bedroom musician would normally make. Follert tempted the fast-forward button with cyclical, hypnotic compositions, but he was usually right on top of his songs' most interesting elements, and even when he tried to open up the music to daylight, it couldn't help but feel like a fantastic, self-measured trip down to an underground ambient techno bunker of lonely, nearly invisible melodies.


Genre: Elektroniskt

Aktiva år: '00s

Jorg Follert's melodic, electronic-leaning work as Wechsel Garland combines the organic and the synthetic for productions that employ elements like organ, accordion, acoustic guitar, melodica, and Fender Rhodes. The Cologne-based producer, who released an album as Wunder on Karaoke Kalk in 1998, issued the first Wechsel Garland full-length on Morr Music two years later. The tracks for Wechsel Garland were initially intended to accompany a ballet production that Follert had been commissioned to compose...
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Wechsel Garland, Wechsel Garland
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