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In Our Lifetime

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They call themselves Three. The band of bassist Andy Williams, drummer Keith Hazelrigs, and lead vocalist/guitarist Caspar McCloud harnesses their faith and beliefs to create their own unique kind of dazzling Christian rock. In Our Lifetime is a triumph of composition, spontaneous in content, and full of enriching musical material. McCloud, who was at one time heralded as the Eric Clapton of the future, shimmers with radiant joy and passion through the presence of each track. Three looks to transcend traditional rock arrangements and expand the boundaries of their musical creativity. The record opens up with a haunting and stirring arrangement, an instrumental called Caught Up Together." The second tune, "Faithfulness," brings the message of life and peace to those who carry their faith with sincerity and honesty. "It doesn't matter what you've done, Christ will forgive anyone" is the underlying point of "See Who's in Control." "All things are working together, for those who love the Lord" is McCloud's message in "Disappointment," a song that mentions how disappointment is so hard to understand. McCloud's solos are fiery in skill and sharp in technical prowess of the highest degree. "Spiritual Mirror" brings into focus the talent of bassist Andy Williams. "Spiritual mirrors needs no walls/so you can see beyond it all/to the heart of the problem you embrace" is the overlying message in this tune. McCloud's writing and lyricism is honest and from his heart, embracing his faith and a calling to be a role model for those who love Christian rock. The highlight of this work may be McCloud's catchy and engaging melody "In Our Lifetime," featuring singer Phil Keaggy. Another sleeper hit is McCloud's beautiful acoustic medley "Still I Wonder." This is a must-keeper for those who need their soul filled with energy, boundless spirit, and peace.

In Our Lifetime, Three
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