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After releasing a pair of 2009 vinyl EPs — swiftly combined on compact disc as Symbiosis — Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker remained industrious, issuing three titles in small vinyl pressings in 2010. Forest of Evil (April) presented two expansive and unsettling sound collages of swarming drones, rattling techno, and threatening tribal percussion. On the six-track/45-minute Liberation Through Hearing (July), Pole’s gentle dub crackle was pitched into a warehouse blaze, and the percolating bubbles from Herbie Hancock's “Rain Dance” were transformed into burbling radioactive goo. The first side of Voices of Dust (November) featured two of the trilogy’s most thrilling moments: “Hashshashin Chant,” a feverish tribal track, and “Repository of Light,” where serene spangles bloomed out of industrial hum. Each part of the series gets its own disc for Tryptych, an abnormally sized fold-out package that adds a substantial quantity of new material. These six tracks are spread across the discs, but they amount to a 40-minute set that can be taken as a part four. Compared to the majority of the material on the parent releases, they’re placid, ambient pieces that are not nearly as disturbed but recall the quiet menace of 23 Skidoo's Urban Gamelan and The Culling Is Coming, as well as the drum-less ambient dub side of Basic Channel.


Bildades: Lancashire, England

Genre: Elektroniskt

Aktiva år: '00s, '10s

Demdike Stare were founded in 2009 in Manchester, England by two well-known characters from that city's music scene. Miles Whittaker, half of the respected dub techno duo Pendle Coven, has also recorded under the monikers MLZ and Daughter of the Industrial Revolution. Sean Canty is a renowned vinyl obsessive who worked at the label Finders Keepers and could often be found digging in the crates of local record shops for rare wax nuggets. His collection of obscure '60s funk and soul records formed...
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Tryptych, Demdike Stare
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