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Triple Distilled

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Graham Day (ex-Prisoners) made an impressive solo debut with 2007's Soundtrack to the Daily Grind, his first album with his new combo, the Gaolers, and he's gone from strength to strength on his follow-up, Triple Distilled. The new album features a slightly revamped lineup (Jonny Barker has replaced Buzz Hagstrom of the Woggles on bass), but the Gaolers still deliver a tight and emphatic updated version of classic British beat. Day is a ferocious but tuneful singer in the grand tradition of Phil May and Kenny Pickett, and his guitar work is similarly powerful and elemental, though he knows how to throw in a bit of flash when it's needed, and Barker and drummer Dan Elektro give this music all the backbone it needs. Day is as good a producer as he is a bandleader, and these sessions generate a solid wall of sound, allowing each instrument its space while bringing them together in a powerful whole. Lyrically, Day comes off as a regular guy with a philosophical streak, who likes a good drink every now and then ("Pass That Whiskey"), is about to have a cigarette whether you like it or not ("Wanna Smoke"), is going to live by his own rules ("Lost Without My Dignity"), and isn't all that keen on explaining his work ("Just a Song"). Graham Day & the Gaolers' music speaks for itself eloquently enough on Triple Distilled, and the message is that fans of British beat or the more tuneful side of contemporary garage rock may just have a new favorite band once they give this disc a spin.

Triple Distilled, Graham Day and The Gaolers
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