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The Others

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Saying one has a band that performs herky-jerk choppy, new wave-tinged rock & roll in the earliest 21st century is, at this point, roughly equivalent to approaching someone in a singles bar and boasting of having an e-mail address. So the trick, then, is to actually do something with that style or else give up the ghost entirely — and perhaps surprisingly, Australia's Dukes of Windsor might just have figured out a way to land on the positive side of that choice. The elements are all plenty familiar at this point, so what makes The Others work lies in the arrangements — if the songs are brisk and the synth crunches, tight-as-hell riffs, and punching drums are just so, things are still not quite normal throughout. It's no reinvention of the form, but that singer Jack (no last name provided) has a voice that either disappears into ghostly shimmer or suddenly pierces through the noise in the most distinct way in rock male falsettos since Brian Molko first opened his mouth is a definite plus. Meantime, few songs on The Others seem to completely keep their shape throughout their length — one instrument or another will drop out, leap back in, recombine with another part and in all somehow keep things unexpected while never collapsing the song. It's an approach to rock music probably best shared by Bloc Party, who seem to assemble their songs by technological alchemy, and in both cases the bands know how to maximize impact as a result. Ultimately neither Dukes of Windsor nor The Others are deathless yet — they suit their times well and their pleasures are immediate and contextual, though they might not last through relistenings. But they work right in their own time, and that really is all that matters.


Bildades: 2005 i Melbourne, Australia

Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '00s

As the traditional breeding ground of many of Australia's fashionistas, art-terrorists, and punks, Melbourne is the natural home for a band like Dukes of Windsor. They were formed when singer Jack Weaving teamed up with local music students Oscar Dawson on guitar and Joe Franklin on bass as well as re-recruiting members of his former band The Surrogate (responsible for the Gentlemen's Hardcore EP), Scott Targett on keyboard and Cory Blight on drums. After months spent writing songs in Blight's bedroom,...
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The Others, Dukes of Windsor
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