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Songs to Scream At the Sun

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Different approaches and subgenres may infiltrate hardcore music every so often, but you can always count on a select number of purists to wave the "straight-edge" flag loud and proud. Case in point: New Bedford, MA-based Have Heart. The group is certainly not trying to reinvent the hardcore wheel — in fact, it sounds very similar to vintage hardcore bands from the '80s. But that said, in a day and age when it's arguably more common than ever to start softening your sound in hopes of crossover success, there's something quite noble in Have Heart's approach, as displayed throughout their harder-than-nails 2008 release, Songs to Scream at the Sun. Frontman Pat Flynn is your typical hardcore barker, as evidenced by such ditties as "Bostons" and "No Roses, No Skies." And even when Have Heart take the intensity down a notch or two — such as on the track "Brotherly Love" — it's still more intense than your average up-and-coming hardcore band. Although it's still relatively early in their career, you get the feeling from Songs to Scream at the Sun that you could count on Have Heart to deliver no-BS hardcore time and time again.


Bildades: juli, 2002 i New Bedford, MA

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '00s

Part of the resurgent Boston hardcore scene, Have Heart formed in 2002 around the core lineup of singer Patrick Flynn, guitarist Ryan Hudon, and bassist Ryan Briggs. The trio, high-school friends from the coastal town of New Bedford, moved to Boston after graduation and worked with a revolving lineup of local musicians before completing the lineup with guitarist Ben Kelley and drummer Justin Paling for their debut album, 2004's What Counts. Have Heart later signed to the estimable hardcore indie...
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Songs to Scream At the Sun, Have Heart
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