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The Invisible Mountain

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First released on Utech Records in 2009 then picked up for wider distribution by Relapse the following year, The Invisible Mountain features Horseback — and specifically its main force, Jenks Miller — exploring that which is metal, in a post-stoner/psych/black/whatever-you-want vein. It isn't pure anything, which is one of its best advantages — as has been the case with so much 21st century metal, Horseback aims to rework and recombine the past as it wishes rather than pledging a specific adherence to anything. So if the rasped, half-hidden vocals apparent from the start on "Invokation" are definitely partially descended from Scandinavian forebears, the doom-laden, slow-rolling arrangement, part feedback crunch and part piano, feels more like a bad trip from somewhere between the original acid rock headnodders and later reworkers of the approach like Monster Magnet and Sleep. It's a simple but effective combination that sets the tone of the full album, four tracks in all that feel like part of a larger piece but are presented as individual songs rather than simply being something bigger split up into something else. The serenity that the brilliantly named "Tyrant Symmetry" creates is nicely contrasted with the shift into the title track, no less steadily entrancing but with more guitar overall and a sense of suddenly present power that had been held back beforehand, beautiful but threatening. The aptly named "Hatecloud Dissolving into Nothing" ends the album on a different note, soft guitar notes and drones building into a gentle drumless arrangement, with hollow, distant vocal parts suggesting a present but dying malevolence.



This album is simply put one of the best in it's genre and Horseback is really a band to keep an eye on. If you're into slow, heavy drone, I highly recommend checking this out. Now that I've had a listen to it, I can safely say that it is well worth the money, I would even pay twice the asking price now that I know just how amazing this is.


Bildades: 2007 i Chapel Hill, NC

Genre: Metal

Aktiva år: '00s, '10s

Drawing influence from doom, drone, black metal, and even Americana, Horseback is the post-metal project of Chapel Hill, North Carolina's Jenks Miller. With a sound that owes as much to Neurosis and Earth as it does to Neil Young, Horseback seamlessly blends the plaintiveness of roots music with the weight of metal, exposing a connection between the genres that is both intuitive and innovative. In a short time, Miller has delivered a prolific output of epic works, starting with Impale Golden Horn...
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The Invisible Mountain, Horseback
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