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Chrome Panthers - EP

Ex Models

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Right from the get-go, this offering from art rockers Ex Models reestablishes that they are not here to deliver a finely crafted, well-polished piece of work that will tickle the senses and delight the ears. On the contrary, with Chrome Panthers they have decided to deliver a sonic onslaught to shred your inner ear with the audio equivalent of a razor blade. Imagine the Go Team if they had developed a serious addiction to methamphetamines and decided to make a project's worth of material about how much they wanted to assassinate someone and you will get the general gist of the production values at hand here, as well as a reasonable profile of the group's state of mind. Many of the songs rely on long episodes of repetition and tension-building before releasing it all into a series of shrieks and indecipherable howls that come close to replicating the formulas found on earlier records. It may seem like a bunch of dudes getting drunk and rocking out in their parents' basement as they record demos, but the musicianship is complex and top-notch. Clocking in at 27 minutes, it's their longest offering to date and almost perfectly timed; any more and it would have disintegrated into pretentious noise, and any less would leave a feeling of incompleteness.


Bildades: 1998

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '00s

Beginning late 1998, the primary objective of the Ex Models was to bring an edge of authenticity back to the New York underground rock scene with their uniquely mathematical post-punk. With a membership including brother guitarists Shahin and Shahryar Motia, bassist Mikhail Masiello, and drummer Jake Fiedler, the Ex Models spent two years working together to fuse manic changes in time signatures and highly angular guitar and bass lines with their frantic, deconstructed song structures, which garnered...
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Chrome Panthers - EP, Ex Models
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