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It Hates You

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After two albums on Solid State, the maybe-Christian sometime-screamo band He Is Legend have re-emerged with an album that's simultaneously more straightforwardly rocking than their previous material, and more adventurous. Their songwriting has improved quite a bit; vocalist Schuylar Croom enunciates every word clearly, sounding like a cross between Layne Staley and Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows. Guitarist Adam Tanbouz and bassist Matt Williams keep the riffs churning in a manner that owes much more to mainstream hard rock than any of their previous albums, while drummer Steven Bache's rhythms are forceful and emphatic. Beyond his ability to crank out a powerhouse riff, though, Tanbouz's deployment of unexpected tones and moods to introduce various songs ("The Primarily Blues," "China White III," and "That's Nasty" are particularly potent examples) is what makes him the band's ace in the hole. The band sculpts one of the heaviest riffs of the year for the first minute or so of "Mean Shadows," before the cleaner ballad section starts. This is a record with something to offer fans of swampy Southern rock, dirty metal, radio-friendly alternative anthems, and screamo. Who knows, they might even be able to get all those people together into one big fan base.


Bildades: 2003 i Wilmington, NC

Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '00s, '10s

North Carolina post-hardcore act He Is Legend may have taken their name from Richard Matheson's vampire horror classic I Am Legend (the inspiration for the cult film The Omega Man, among others), but the band's take on screamo is more positive than most groups, so much that they regularly deflect the idea that He Is Legend is a Christian rock band, particularly endemic among those who misunderstand the derivation of the name. He Is Legend formed in 2000, as its members were graduating from high school...
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It Hates You, He Is Legend
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