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Jimmy Bondoc

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Jimmy Bondoc released his first album, Jimmy Bondoc, in 2000. The music comprises easy listening love songs as well as upbeat, showy-type numbers. Young Jimmy Bondoc sings in a near-falsetto, which can be pleasing, but it's discernable that his voice still needs development.

His singing is neither the best nor is it the worst, it doesn't have a lot of depth, but at least it's passable. One factor working in his favor is that he composes much of his own material, a rare occurrence when it comes to Philippine solo artists. As his songwriting is geared towards easy listening music, it isn't meant to be adventurous, but it still warrants attention. "Love Is Somewhere in the World" is an upbeat, pleasant tune on which Bondoc acquits himself respectably. The tune, which he wrote, is appealing and features a catchy melody in the chorus.

Philippine record companies often sign artists based on such external factors as good lucks and popularity, and while Bondoc is good-looking, he at least has some talent. "Di Bale Na Lang" (Never Mind, That's OK), one of the few songs not composed by Bondoc, is a spirited, soulful tune on which Bondoc appears relaxed. The acoustic-based love ballad, "Just for That Moment," is one of the album's brightest moments, and Bondoc delves into the lyrics and injects passion and meaning.

Jimmy Bondoc, Jimmy Bondoc
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  • 99,00 kr
  • Genrer: Pop, Musik
  • Utgiven: 16 jun 2000


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