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Shed Some Skin

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Slow Gherkin's Shed Some Skin is an interesting entry into the ska revival genre, because along with the requisite up-strokes and barked vocals, this band brings a real knowledge of tunesmithery to the table. What separates the bands that are punk clichés from those like Slow Gherkin, which embrace those clichés even while transcending them, is that the latter camp of bands pays attention to the little things. With two guitarists who aren't afraid to step out of the formulaic shadow of the Dance Hall Crashers and pay homage to Black Sabbath and AC/DC, and excellent usage of backup singers and horns (to accent rather than overpower the rest of the music), Slow Gherkin simply blow away their peers. Slow Gherkin are proof that the '90s ska revival wasn't just a watered-down trend (as detractors claimed), but when done right, could be an exciting alternative to straight-up punk.


Bildades: 1993

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s

With their third-wave influence of hyper-active ska-punk that the likes of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Operation Ivy first debuted, Slow Gherkin wanted to bring their own playful style of this genre to their native Santa Cruz, California. But like most ska-punk bands who's over crowded line-up could have the tendency to out number the audience, Slow Gherkin were also cursed with a revolving line-up since their 1994 debut; a line up that at one point featured ten members. Despite Slow Gherkin's...
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Shed Some Skin, Slow Gherkin
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