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Angels Exodus

Lil B

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An official release that appeared in the midst of several audacious and often mindblowing mixtapes, 2011’s Angels Exodus shows the intersection of three obsessions: the confessional and religious raps of Tupac Shakur, the straightforward and traditional street rap of '90s New York, and the unpredictable visions of Lil B’s own unconscious. Angels Exodus is one of B’s more focused and accessible releases, though it's full of dark undertones. For a self-assessed “positive thinker,” B sounds chillingly stressed on “1 Time”: “The biggest tax seeing the death of a family member/The mourning process, January to December/Cold nights hell feeling like hell in November/Where's my thoughts? I don't remember.” Though there are avant-garde abstractions in the form of “All My Life,” for the most part this is fairly conventional hip-hop by B’s standards. The rapping is unhinged at times, but that’s what gives it urgency. The centerpiece is “Motivation”: an epic Clams Casino production that contains energy unlike anything else in contemporary rap.


Timeless Eye Opener

If you ever wondered how people can listen to Lil B and still keep a straight face then this is the album he made for you.

The production is masterfull for a lack of other words and the lyrics are deep, emotinoal and open for the listeners own interpretation. BasedGods floating kinda spoken word flow may not be for everyone but merges with beats is such a way that you almost forget what genre youre actually listening to. If you go into this album with an open mind and give it a full listen youre almost certain to be amazed or the very least less resentfull towards Lil B.

This album will keep you enthralled, bringing something new with every song witout leaving behind what you liked about the previous tracks (Regardless of what track you started/ended with). And there isn't anyone i wouldnt recommend it to!

Thank you BasedGod


Genre: Hiphop/rapp

Aktiva år: '00s, '10s

Equally inspired by Prince and 2Pac, Lil B is an eccentric, ambitious rapper who came up with the Bay Area's the Pack, a group that had a hit with the sneaker-loving track "Vans." After the group released its 2007 album, Based Boys, Lil B began to explore other opportunities by first partnering with fellow Pack member Young L for SS Mixtape, Vol. 1. New solo songs would regularly get posted to his MySpace site and then, in late 2008, he began to toy with the excessiveness of the Internet, storming...
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Angels Exodus, Lil B
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