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In The City Tonight

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Recalling the time of black light posters and resin stained 8-tracks, BoyJazz kick arena rock for the indie kids, roaring through town in their airbrushed van while Ace Frehley and Dio give them the big thumbs up. Although they've morphed into a real band since its recording, In the City Tonight was recorded by the duo Sexmouth (Adam Hobbs) and Supertouch (Aaron Levin) with only a drum machine behind them. This severely compressed recording will only light up a couple bands on your graphic equalizer, but what BoyJazz do with all these limitations is what makes them great. Out of control, mega-macho tracks like "Potfinger" and "Lookin for You" sound positively buzzsaw, while boogie-based and shamelessly misogynistic tracks like "Tuff Luv" and "Dual Cat Action" come off as extra sinister, extra ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, "Stank on the Halo" chugs like the trippiest Black Sabbath, bringing the lava lamp to a boil with lines like "Your father's a mother/And she's up to no good/My hammer of love/Is falling upon you" or "The east is the west/And the west is just fiction." Like Andrew W.K.'s album I Get Wet, In the City Tonight is a limited listen, but when it's time to party and tear stuff up, it's just what the doctor ordered.


Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '00s

San Francisco's BoyJazz believe in two things: "Party hearty and don't be tardy" and "Don't bore us, get to the chorus." Their fuzzed-out brand of arena rock for indie kids was born in 2002 when the duo Sexmouth (Adam Hobbs) and Supertouch (Aaron Levin) dubbed their studio collaboration BoyJazz. Hedonistic hard rockers like "Potfinger" and "Stank on the Halo" became key tracks on their debut, In the City Tonight, which the Frenetic label released in 2004. By the end of the year the album's "Lookin...
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In The City Tonight, Boyjazz
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