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Maitreya: The Future Buddha

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To paraphrase Linda Kohanov, all David Parsons CDs are highly recommended. Maitreya: The Future Buddha is no exception. It is pure spiritual music. Parsons has traveled the world in his continuing quest to broaden his knowledge of religious and spiritual tenets. In the liner notes, he states that he keeps coming back to Tibetan Buddhism. He — jokingly — refers to it as "Reader's Digest Hinduism." By that he means that he sees the teachings of Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha and a Hindu prince, as cutting straight to the core of the tenets and beliefs. He composed these pieces to reflect those thoughts and feelings. He has the innate ability to translate those feelings and emotions to his music and, ultimately, to the listener. These seven compositions do that effectively and efficiently. The voluminous atmospheres surround listeners with love and serenity. A low and persistent drone carries the ebb and flow as the soundscape rolls along. Parsons is an elite performer and e-musician. He is in a league with Steve Roach, Robert Rich, and Constance Demby.


Genre: Klassiskt

Aktiva år: '80s, '90s, '00s

Since 1975, this New Zealand artist has made numerous trips to India to absorb the culture, study the music, and record performances by indigenous artists. In addition to producing two albums of traditional Tibetan ritual music by the monks of The Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery (for the Fortuna Records Sacred Ceremonies series), Parsons has translated the essence of his oriental journeys through the lush yet profound soundscapes he has created for a number of highly regarded solo albums. Originally...
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Maitreya: The Future Buddha, David Parsons
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