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Spine And Sensory (Expanded And Remastered)

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In August 2004, Better Looking Records reissued and remastered Tristeza's Spine & Sensory with three bonus tracks, all of which, album and tracks, have been out of print for quite some time. Most fans of '90s post-rock are probably familiar with Tristeza, either from their incessant touring or by way of the Album Leaf, Jimmy LaValle's once-side-project-now-full-time-gig. However you got here, Spine & Sensory is a hypnotic journey, layering waves of guitars and keyboards against a steady, syncopated rhythm section. The ripples of dramatic, sonic waves call up the similarities of post-rock gods like Tortoise, Ui, and Directions in Music, but, Tristeza have definitely left their own mark. Tristeza reach across many areas throughout Spine & Sensory, with the dub atmospherics of "RMS 2000," the danceable drive of "Memphis Emphasis," or in the keyboard textures of "Cinematography." Originally released on Rocket Racer Records as a 7", "Macrame" slowly reveals its swirly-noted melody with interplaying guitars against math-y rhythms. The two tracks that Tristeza released on the first edition of the Insound Tour Support #1, "Pink Elephants" and "La Verdad" trudge similar musical ground as the rest of Spine & Sensory, but make for an interesting, hypnotic conclusion to this epic journey. Fans of Tristeza probably have all this material, but with the addition of the bonus tracks and the decent remastering job on the expanded version, it is worth the bucks for any fan of post-rock to pick up this once out of print instrumental stamp.


Bildades: 1997 i San Diego, CA

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s

Known as much for their consistent touring as their prolific output, San Diego's instrumental rock quintet Tristeza formed in 1997. Guitarists Jimmy LaValle and Christopher Sprague, keyboardist Stephen Swesey, bassist Luis Hermosillo, and drummer Jimmy Lehner came together after playing in bands like the Locust, Crimson Curse, Swing Kids, and Gogogo Airheart, among others, and recorded their debut 7", Foreshadow/Smoke Through Glass, soon after. In promotion of the single, Tristeza toured...
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Spine And Sensory (Expanded And Remastered), Tristeza
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