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The Songs All Sound the Same (Bonus Track Version)

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Though the songs don't all sound the same, the songs do have a subpar production level, and most suffer from limp, sloppy chord progressions. This singles collection, however, does show some punk promise on tracks like "Saddletramp" and "Sex & Outrage." Other songs teeter on the thin line that separates punk rock from heavy metal, as versions of The Dead Boys' "What Love Is..." and Nazareth's "Razzmanazz" suggest that The Supersuckers want to play rock utilizing the energy of punk while taking advantage of the glamour and excess of heavy metal. Another cover, Madonna's "Burnin' Up," doesn't suggest anything except complete inanity, but also happens to be the most memorable song on the record. [The album was released the same year with different cover art and three extra songs: "Second Cousin," "I Say F**k," and "Luck"]


Bildades: 1988 i Tucson, AZ

Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s

Something of an anomaly on the Sub Pop roster, the Supersuckers bore a limited surface resemblance to grunge, but they were a party band at heart, donning cowboy hats and kicking out a gleefully trashy brand of throttling, rockabilly-flavored garage punk. Their lyrics were a raucous, over-the-top celebration of all the attendant evils of rock & roll — sex, booze, drugs, Satan, and whatever other vices the band could think of, all glorified with tongue planted firmly in cheek....
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The Songs All Sound the Same (Bonus Track Version), Supersuckers
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