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Tomorrow We Will Run Faster - EP

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This unusual quartet (saxophone-guitar-bass-drums) produces a sound that falls somewhere between the dry, academic precision of 1980s King Crimson and the sprawling art-punk clamor of Mission of Burma. Combine those influences with a decidedly elliptical lyrical bent, and you end up with a pretty cool result. It's never encouraging to see a 40-minute program consisting of only five tracks, but the episodic nature of these songs keeps them interesting even when they get long-winded. Here's a typical example: "Las Cruces" begins slowly, but then revs up as the saxophone begins playing a mesmeric two-note line against which the guitar and bass click metronomically; the line eventually starts to vary a little bit, and then, three-and-a-half minutes into the song, the guitar starts shredding. Everything stops, then the guitar and sax start in again playing minimalist counterpoint. At five minutes in, everything breaks down again and the lyrics start. Lyrics and instrumental counterpoint alternate until the song culminates in shouting, crunchy guitars and a sense of weird catharsis. Whew. Complaints? The lyrics are a bit much sometimes — lines like "My hand is tangential to your riled hip" betray a writer who's confused vocabulary with poetry. Highly recommended anyway, because the music is such a blast.


Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s

Vocalist/saxophonist Steve Sostak and guitarist Chris Daly began performing together in the South Bend, IN, group Check Engine during the summer of 1993, and played one show before breaking up in April of 1994. Two years later, Sostak and Daly started Sweep the Leg Johnny with bassist Matt Alicea and drummer Scott Anna while living in Chicago. They decided to incorporate a little bit of all of their influences, which included dissonant rock, progressive music, jazz, noise and punk. It immediately...
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Tomorrow We Will Run Faster - EP, Sweep the Leg Johnny
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