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The Bright Side

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Aer's reggae-pop-rap is straight out of Brighton, Massachusetts, so don't expect gun talk and Crip Walking from the aptly titled album. Bright Side is sunny, breezy, suburban stuff, influenced by rooftop smoking sessions — probably overlooking the Boston College campus — plus folks like Sam Adams, Asher Roth, and other frat rap that's feel-good-till-you-die. It's the kind of material that makes hardcore ballers crinkle their nose, but Aer don't front, avoiding all faux gangster talk and coolly strolling through a drug-dealing number, "If You Want (Trees)," as if the cops weren't a hassle round here, and maybe they're not. The reggae bit is entirely Cali over Jamaica, suggesting Sublime, Marley, and Major Lazer are bigger influences than the deep catalog stuff, and with slow numbers that are sentimental, plus lyrics that are frequently nautical, there's a good chance the duo grew up stepping on pop tops thanks to some Jimmy Buffett-loving parents. Still, these guys run to the vaporizer more than the margarita mixer so some herb friendliness goes a long way toward enjoyment, but it's rare that an album can hold appeal for your Kenny Chesney friends, your skateboarding buddies, your Rasta pals, and your dealer from deep downtown. If your pool parties tend to get kinda cloudy, give Bright Side a spin, right between Legend and 40 Oz. to Freedom.


Bildades: 2010 i Wayland, MA

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '10s

Combining pop and rap, the Boston duo known as Aer features David von Mering and Carter Schultz. After playing together in a four-piece band that broke up, David and Carter formed the pop-rap project. They introduced themselves to the world in 2010 with the mixtape Water on the Moon, then The Reach mixtape arrived in 2011, along with their debut EP What You Need. Their 2012 album, the reggae-tinged The...
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The Bright Side, Aer
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