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Un Blodymary - Single

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With all the carefree Euro-party girl funk and style they can muster, Las Ketchup have at long last come out with a follow-up to their wildly popular 2002 release, Hijas del Tomate. From '60s go-go-inflected rock tracks to dance/disco con clapas, las Ketchup continues to blaze their own trail from flamenco roots to a modern eclectic mix with European elegance and universal appeal. The Munoz girls' 2006 release Un Blodymary is certainly in keeping with the attitude of their debut performance, but widens their stylistic circle to include greater variety. The rockabilly "Paparazzi" and traditional flamenco style of "La Comentarista" probably could not coexist on any other record, or any other artist's playlist in modern Latin music. Las Ketchup seem more than comfortable. In fact, it is on "La Comentarista" and the track that follows, "Alegrias de Mi Tanga," the two most traditional pieces on the record, that the girls seem the most comfortable. It is only on those two tracks that they stray from their typical three-part unison vocal style, which to a critical listener is the group's greatest weakness. Their performances on the flamenco flavored material are by far the most sophisticated and evocative. Maybe as the Munoz sisters mature, and the tastes of their audience along with them, there will be a place for more of this lush, rich influence. Until then, there is plenty of imaginative lyricism and Friday night-flavored dance rhythm the be enjoyed on Un Blodymary, Rovi


Genre: Latino

Aktiva år: '00s, '10s

Daughters of a traditional flamenco guitarist from Cordoba, Spanish pop sensation Las Ketchup comprises sisters Lola, Lucía and Pilar Muñoz. Born and raised in southern Spain, known for its Andalusian traditions (flamenco and bullfighting among them) Las Ketchup emerged with a mix of Spanish rumba, Latin pop and Jamaican reggae. Their first single "Aserejé," named after the 1979's old-school rap multi-platinum seller and radio hit "Rapper's Delight"...
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Un Blodymary - Single, Las Ketchup
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