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A Western Swing Dance Date With Spade & Tex

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While the title implies that this is a joint CD of Spade Cooley and Tex Williams' music, it actually focuses more on Cooley's repertoire. Tex Williams and His Western Caravan have eight tracks, while Cooley's band has 19, although four of them do feature Williams who was part of his band for a time. In fact, when Williams was offered a solo recording deal and broke off ties with Cooley he took most of the group with him. Even with all the backstage shenanigans and ego bouts, this budget CD, containing all original recordings, is hardly a comprehensive example of either of the artists work. Cooley's biggest hit, "Shame on Me," is absent, as well as Williams biggest, "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!" Still, for those looking to save a few bucks this is a good introduction to the sounds of '40s and '50s Western swing, even if there are better compilations available.


Född: 17 december 1910 i Grand, OK

Genre: Country

Aktiva år: '40s, '50s, '60s

A musician and actor whose often sordid private life tended to overshadow his career as an entertainer, Spade Cooley was the self-proclaimed King of Western Swing, an innovator who at his peak led the largest band ever assembled in the annals of country music. The product of a multi-generational family of fiddle players, Donnell Clyde Cooley was born in Oklahoma in 1910, and at the age of four, his family moved to Oregon. Despite his impoverished background, Cooley was a classically trained fiddler,...
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A Western Swing Dance Date With Spade & Tex, Spade Cooley
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