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Expose Yourself: The Singles Collection 1977-1991

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If you had an immense amount of courage (as well as a strong stomach), then you may have been 'lucky' to have experienced G.G. Allin the way he was meant to be — on-stage. In the studio, G.G.'s recordings more times than not did not match the fire of his live performance (and after watching some of his brutal shows on video, how could they?), as they were issued on a variety of little-known indie labels, and of varying quality. One of the first compilations to truly pull tracks from throughout G.G.'s controversial career is 2004's Expose Yourself: The Singles Collection 1977-1991. A few selections have been impossible to find for years, such as the early G.G. single "Love Tunnel" b/w "Devil's Triangle," which makes its first appearance in years here. Elsewhere, you'll find tracks that have appeared elsewhere — "Snakeman's Dance," "When I Die," "Gypsy Motherfucker," etc. — but are among G.G.'s best (which can't be said about the badly dated "1980s Rock and Roll"). Since it touches upon most of his different eras, Expose Yourself: The Singles Collection 1977-1991 is easily one of the better G.G. comps to appear.


Född: 29 augusti 1956 i Lancaster, NH

Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '70s, '80s, '90s

To some, G.G. Allin was the ultimate symbol of rock & roll rebellion, taking it to extremes that no one else was dangerous enough to explore. To others, he was a lunatic whose attempts to shock and disgust were too ham-fisted to be taken seriously. Wherever the truth lay, there can be no doubt that Allin was the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history. Music was almost incidental to his violent, scatological stage act, which got him arrested over 50 times for a litany of offenses,...
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Expose Yourself: The Singles Collection 1977-1991, G.G. Allin
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