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Music for a World Without Limitations

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An excellent debut of revved-up geek rock antics, Martin Luther Lennon's Music For a World Without Limitations builds a solid pop foundation on vaguely punk-influenced soundscapes and song structures, but then Lennon's obtuse lyrics and pop sense take the album to a level beyond comparison. Outrageously strong for a debut, the album has few weak moments. Martin Luther Lennon laid out the blueprint for their signature sound right away here — the album is highlighted by the twin peaks of Lennon's quirky, paranoid vocals and guitarist Steve Rifling's ticking bursts of guitar. The hooks and guitars are razor-sharp, and although the production is thin, it fits the music well. Highlights include the new-wavey "Brenda Revisited" and the pure pop bliss of "Happygirl." An album that lives up to its title, Martin Luther Lennon clearly don't allow themselves to be set back by the limitations of the power pop world.


Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s

Martin Luther Lennon (MLL) is the stage name of Los Angeles-based power pop singer/songwriter Tony Perkins. (He obviously couldn't use his real name without getting confused with the guy who played Norman Bates, so he took his stage handle from an interview with Paul McCartney where the ex-Beatle decried John Lennon's near-canonization after his murder; neither McCartney nor Perkins mean for the name to be insulting.) Born in the San Fernando Valley, Perkins adopted the moniker in the late '80s,...
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Music for a World Without Limitations, Martin Luther Lennon
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