Animals, puzzles and fun - a great app for small kids!

"This looks so fun for my 3 and 4 year old!"
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Can the iPhone app give something real to your child? Can he or she learn something from it? Can it at least entertain the kid?

And why should you get the app to your kid? Does it give anything to you? Perhaps you are better off just reading a book?

Animal Tiles helps your CHILD to:

- learn to coordinate finger movements
- learn to recognize patterns
- learn different animals and the sounds they make
- develop logical thinking by solving puzzles
- and have FUN!

At the same time it helps YOU to:

- provide your child with a useful and engaging activity
- have a break and relax
- know that you are giving your child the best
- have a great time together if you wish!

We understand that you would really want to try the game before purchasing it. Therefore we suggest this Lite version of the game. You and your kids will surely like it - and if so please consider purchasing the full version of the game.

How does it work?

It is so intuitive that it is much easier to show than to tell. It is designed for kids to find their way around. But just in case you are wondering, we try to do our best and explain it:

A cute little animal slides out and makes a sound - barks, mews or says "moo". Right after that, it is split into four tiles that get scattered randomly. A child moves the tiles to the correct places. When all the tiles are collected correctly the animal dances for you! To hear its sound again, the child can just press the animal again. And to get the next animal - press a little icon in the right corner of the screen. Or just shake the phone!

About AppsAndKids.com

We are a studio based in Stockholm, Sweden and working on creating mobile apps for kids. Our desire is to give only the best possible products to your kids. Being a part of Moms With Apps developer community puts a high quality demand and we are keeping up with that. We have already released several games and are actively working on even more exciting apps. Stay tuned, and you will be able to try them out soon!

Have a great time playing!

To sum it up, you are getting a really cute, useful and enjoyable game for your kids. We kindly remind you that you can get a full version of the game too - just head on to our company's profile. Don't let yourself regret not trying it out!

We wish you and your child to have a perfect day!


Version 1.1

For a much more enjoyable experience:

- new animations!
- section for parents
- fixes preventing crashes
- iPhone 5 support

Have a great time playing!


Elena Chubarova
9.8 MB
Kräver iOS 4.3 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
Åldersgräns 4+
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