Cashculator - The Smart Financial Spreadsheet!
Easily plan and track your finances with Cashculator.

Do you care about your financial future?
Let Cashculator help you!

Keep track of your cash flow to make smarter financial decisions and reach your financial goals by planning your future.

Tired of complex personal finance applications?
Cashculator is the simplest way to manage your finances!

See how easy it is to use Cashculator is in this short video on

Cashculator is not yet another personal finance application.
- It is different from other applications which are complex and focus on past transactions.
- Familiar spreadsheet concepts make Cashculator easy to use, visual and straightforward.
- There is no need to define your accounts and configure the application, no complex dialog boxes, no credits, debits or portfolio management. Just simple numbers: income and expenses.
- You will become an expert user in no time thanks to the interactive tutorials that will teach you every aspect of using Cashculator.

Cashculator is not designed to maintain a detailed, daily records of their spending. Instead, it is designed for people who want to have a fast and easy way to keep track of their budget.

Cashculator is the simplest way to manage your finance - easier than a spreadsheet. It is based on familiar spreadsheet concepts and improves them by:
- Easy budgeting - separate planned expenses from actual ones. See where you stand compared to your budget
- Fast "what-if" scenarios comparison - duplicate your existing financial plan, make changes (i.e. increase salary, add trip abroad), graphically compare to existing plan
- Easily split a purchase into several payments
- Forecasting based on budget or on average of your actual spending

Cashculator Free is limited to two scenarios and to planning only 3 months ahead.
Full planning features can be unlocked with in-app purchase.

You can learn more about Cashculator on our website:

Cashculator is localized to English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Norwegian languages.


Version 1.3.8

* Bug Fixes


Very bice and easy


This program make it fun to calkulate your economy and it has everything you need. Even my girlfriend who hate computers like it but i miss Swedish language support... Use it with Dropbox is just perfekt! Genius!

Really like the quick support.

This is a good start


I like the concept of this program. It does give you an easy to work with interface and it gives you a good overview of your economy. However ther is one thing that I miss to make this program the one to use. While I like the simplicity, I would like to see a more detailed view of my expenses. Take the "Household" category for example; there are a lot of small expenses that sums up to a large amout every month. You might have electricity, TV, internet, things that break and needs to be fixed etc. You might want to go back to see what you payed for if the sum grows very large. So, each category should have an expand/fold button so you can enter one expense on each row with a comment. If you fold the category you get what you see today, the total sum.

Ok so now I've dicovered the advanced cell features with comment insertion. That is good although I believe it would be better as described above since it would be easier to edit. I'll give 4 stars if this is implemented.

Highly recommended!


I have been looking for an application that is simple and still meets all my requirements for keeping track of my personal finances. This application is perfect. So far I'm using the free version and it has exactly everything I was looking for. It is also very simple to use! I never write reviews but I just had to write one this time. Highly recommended.


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