DataGraph is a combination graphing program, statistical tool, and drawing program. Use DataGraph to visually explore your data, create publication quality graphics, and as a presentation tool.

Enter or import data from huge text files or Excel spreadsheets. Use and draw mathematical expressions and descriptive statistics. Perform function fits and multivariable fits. Create histograms, box and whisker plots, and violin plots.  

Manipulate tens of millions of data values in real time, with changes done live as you vary sliders and select menu options. DataGraph has a powerful pivoting action that allows you to drill into the data and slice and dice it to explore your data.  

You will no longer need to create a graph in one program and annotate or refine it in another, like Illustrator. Do it all in DataGraph. Create publication quality graphs with ease and control every aspect of the graph or let DataGraph handle it for you.  Export as bitmaps or pdf/eps/svg vector graphics.

A free trial is available from the DataGraph web site, so it is easy to see it for yourself before you purchase.  Be sure to view the manual that is available through the Help menu, check out our YouTube channel, and ask questions by mail or on the discussion board.

DataGraph is created by the same company that made DataTank, a high end scientific application which won the Apple Design Awards in 2005 as the best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution.


Version 4.3

New Expression variable
New continuous color ramps
Added curly braces to the Bracket command
More alignment options for the Text command
Included a percentile calculation to the Box command
Specify a chart location in coordinates with the Pie command
Specify colors in any text field using the \rgb{} text command
New color scheme options for the Lines command
New color scheme options for points in the Box command
Added a color scheme option for the fill in the Pie and Pivot commands
Improved manual with hyperlinks!

Bug fixes and improvements throughout…

Betyg och recensioner

Miro vB ,

A versatile ploting application

This is definitively my favorite app for plotting data. You are in control of virtually everything you need. All objects (axes, curves, labels..) are modules with its own settings. The modules behave like layers that can be rearanged as wished. Once built, it is very easy to reuse a graphs setting onto new ones, thus producing collections of different plots with unified and reproducible formats. This is great when preparing graphs for publications. With exports formats as pdf/eps and svg, you get nice vector graphics for both commercial print and web.

I'm glad to see that DataGraph is still taken care of by it's developer.

Jedih ,

Ones you get the hang of it...

This is perhaps the best software I have worked with for creating graphs. It has a certain learning curve, but ones you get the hang of it, it will produce great looking graphs. I'll recommend that you give it a go, you won't regret it. It's much better than SPSS, Illustrator or Numbers for that matter at producing graphs, which is it's primary object.


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OS X 10.6.6 eller senare
Åldersgräns 4+
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