Spelserien som har sålt i miljonupplagor tar ett stort kliv framåt 2018. Det bästa jordbrukssimuleringsspelet är tillbaka med en trimmad grafikmotor, snyggare grafik och effekter. Den mest kompletta jordbruksupplevelsen någonsin.

Farming Simulator 19 tar det största steget framåt hittills med fler fordon än någonsin! Ta kontrollen över fordon och maskiner som verklighetstroget har återskapats från alla ledande varumärken i branschen, inklusive för första gången John Deere – världens största jordbruksmaskinföretag, Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr och många fler.

Farming Simulator 19 innehåller nya amerikanska och europeiska miljöer där du kan utveckla och expandera din gård. Det finns många nya spännande jordbruksaktiviteter inklusive nya maskiner och grödor så som bomull och havre! Sköt om din boskap av grisar, kor, får och höns. Eller ta en ridtur med dina hästar och utforska de vidsträckta landområdena runt din gård.

Farming Simulator 19 är den största och mest kompletta jordbruksupplevelsen någonsin!

• Det största steget framåt i Farming Simulator-serien med snyggare grafik än någonsin
• Använd och kör hundratals verklighetstrogna jordbruksmaskiner, inklusive från världens största jordbruksmaskinföretag: John Deere
• Sköt om din boskap av grisar, kor, får och höns och nu även hästar
• Rid dina hästar och utforska de vidsträckta landområdena i enorma öppna världar som är fulla av jordbruksaktiviteter
• Utveckla din bondgård online med upp till 16 spelare och maxa din upplevelse med communityskapade mods


Version 1.2.0

In this hotfix, we added some features, including landscaping and the economic difficulty option. You’ll also find improvements on various graphical and audio issues, as well as loads of bug fixes and minor tweaks.

- Landscaping feature
- Economic difficulty option
- Support for mapping button combos besides the gamepad trigger buttons
- In-game voting for mods
- Combine rpm increase if the combine unloads
- Selling of potato pallets
- AI detection of tipped heaps

- AI on angled edges
- Mapping with devices not recognized by the game
- Vehicle sounds
- Combines can now be folded if just a small amount is loaded
- Tree pickup of log grabs

- Shading issues in some specific light/viewer combinations
- Disappearing animals after starting a dedicated server again
- Horse price issue when selling multiple horses at the same time
- Egg pallets don’t appear correctly
- Unlimited food after cleaning in front of a trough
- The mower BIG M450 can’t be refueled
- The header NH 3162 Draper 45ft doesn’t work well with NH CR10.90
- Väderstad Tempo V 8 doesn’t work well in slopes
- TT Multicultivator 5-in-1 doesn’t work well in slopes
- Clients have access to all vehicles from all farms
- Unable to start a dedicated server
- The camera is desynced from vehicle
- Wear speed if washing is disabled
- Issues with combines harvesting multiple fruit types
- Engine sound in multiplayer
- AI overtaking to other fields with small working widths
- AI working width New Holland FDR 600
- AI turn direction issues with cultivator and sowing machine attached together
- Bale mounting on Fliegl Butterfly and Fliegl DPW
- Delayed lowering of pipe for potato harvesters (Ropa Keiler 2, Grimme SE 280)

Betyg och recensioner

blackbird (swe) ,

Disappointing, buggy, and released way too soon

I gave Farming Simulator 15 and 17 top reviews. Although there could have been more in them in term of realism, they at least worked perfectly and could be played with gaming controllers (as should be expected).

Farming Simulator 19 is a huge disappointment. I bought the game on day one and it didn't even launched. To cut a long story short, basic support for gaming controllers (wheels, pedals, joysticks, etc.) that worked flawlessly in FS17 is broken. Trust me, nobody seriously interested in this type of simulator game will want to run it with only keyboard/mouse.

The graphics is supposed to be highly improved compared to FS17. According to game trailers: yes. Me running on the best iMac you could buy 4 years ago get something that is laggy and full with glitches. To get a smooth graphics quality on par with what is standard today in games (and not running the lowest setting and resolution available), you probably need a top-end iMac no more than 2 years old.

Yes, there are new ways to start and run farms, and some tweaks to economy and missions. There is also equipment from many new brands names. But that is far from what I expected after seeing what incredible things moders done to maps and realism in FS17 over the last two years. There is still not even seasons as standard in this farming simulator game. The two maps have a few new details, but are still rather lonely and zoombie-like places without the feel and atmosphere moders have brought maps available for FS17. All work seems to have gone into the graphics - which is important, but hardly the only thing that needs to evolve in a simulator from one release to another. It is called Farming Simulator, and thus should be about farming and all aspects of running a farm - not only about driving running around in shiny machines in a picture-perfect world that is otherwise lonely and lack interesting interactions and surprises.

If the game at least technically had worked as good as FS17, it could maybe have been a "3" for all new brands names and better graphics. Now it's unfortunately a "1" due to broken basic functionality for gaming controllers, constant crashes without error messages at all, very high demands on CPU/GPU, huge amount of bugs and issues in gameplay, and for the developers to start selling a commercial software that they should now is far from finished.


Funkar ej på imac2011

Lite dåligt att inte skriva ut att den Ej fungerar på äldre iMac 2011
med AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512
Den kräver uppdatering av grafikkort som inte ens går uppdatera…..
Tycker Ni borde skriva ut systemkrav, det har inte alls varit samma krav på tidigare versioner.
360 kr åt skogen :-(


Focus Home Interactive SAS
6.6 GB
macOS 10.13.5 eller senare, 64-bitars processor
engelska, franska, förenklad kinesiska, italienska, japanska, koreanska, nederländska, polska, portugisiska, rumänska, ryska, spanska, tjeckiska, traditionell kinesiska, turkiska, tyska, ungerska
Åldersgräns 4+
© 2018 GIANTS Software GmbH. Published and distributed by Focus Home Interactive under license of GIANTS Software. All rights reserved.
369,00 kr


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