Do you like geocaching?
Want an iPad, iPhone, iPod geocaching application that can be used offline for paperless geocaching?
Geo Bucket is just the thing for you.

Using application is simple, just install the application, login, and press the Live button in top right corner of My Map to populate map with caches and you are ready to go geocaching.

With Geo Bucket you can store geocaches and maps to your iDevice and you dont have to worry about roaming charges.

The application has a My Map view where the downloaded caches are shown. Click a cache and there will be two actions available in the description. The i button on the left shows details of the cache and the > arrow on the right give you menu for different options.

There are multiple ways to get cache descriptions to the application.

-Easy and fast way is press the Live button in top right corner of My Map view.
- You can also download geocache descriptions via pocket queries using PQ button in the top left corner of My Map view or drag and drop Pocket query files from iTunes.
- You can download individual cache descriptions directly from Groundspeak Geocache web site with the Safari web browser or the embedded web browser.
- You can click the pocket query zip file in the mail application and open the zip directly to the application.

Geo Bucket can be used with a free Groundspeak Geocache account or a premium account.
- With Free account you can download 3 full cache descriptions and 10 000 lite descriptions in 24 hours.
-With free account Live button can download only Traditional caches.
- With premium account you can download 6000 full cache descriptions in a day and 10 000 Lite cache descriptions of any cache type.

From the web download the free account you can use only LOC files, which contain only the cache location information.
The Pocket queries and the single cache GXP file contains much more information about the cache, e.g. difficulty, terrain, last logged comments, hint for the cache.

The cache descriptions are stored in the iPad/iPhone flash memory and you can go caching without internet connection.
You can freely use Pocket Queries and Live data to same location without any worries about duplicates.

Detailed instructions are available on the support page at (Just press the support link)

The Groundspeak Geocache icons and Powered by Live are copyrighted by Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Version 4.9

- iPad split screen support
- iPhone X support
- Updates to libraries

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Den här verkar lovande! Ska försöka vänja mig med en ny layout. När jag loggar en cache så kommer bara mina samlingsbara TB upp, inte de jag har "i handen" ...



One can only wonder WHY this app isn't ranked before me (swedish cacher: buda)

The FREE app does what it claims. Loading an PQ straight into the app is hasslefree even if a 500 takes a bit to process. This is what I'm been waiting for, a PQ all in all reader since I use an Ipod and a Oregon (or any of the six handhelp I got on the boat cruising around...) on the fly that I use to program with only coodinates.

I think this was such a good program that I felt good about using the In-buy just to support the programmers. If this app would get some extra features like show "caches nearby" from the PQ that would be nice.

Thanks for a NICE app

Inte bra


Det är i stort sett omöjligt att zooma i browse läget, kartan far åt alla håll och det hackar även på en IPad 2. I stort sett oanvändbar.


Matti Mustonen
37.2 MB
Kräver iOS 8.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
Du måste vara minst 17 år för att få hämta denna app.
Obegränsad tillgång till internet
Den här appen kan använda din plats även när den inte är öppen, vilket kan minska batteritiden.
© Matti Mustonen
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