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This application helps you enjoy chewing by counting the number of chewing automatically to vibrating sounds using handsfree headset. While you are chewing, you can listen to the music and pictures you registered.
“There is a good reason to eat and chew well.”
1. Help prevent obesity by stimulating a satiety center.
2. Develops a good sense of taste.
3. Enable to enunciate each word.
4. Stimulate your brain and enhance your development.
5. Prevent your cavity and pyorrhea, and also make your teeth straightened.
6. Stimulate digestion.
7. Improve exercise capacity and cause hyperactivity.
8. When you chew well, enough saliva production will occur which will suppress the action on carcinogens.
- Users who use “Automatic count chewing”.
Automatic chewing count in this application can be used by applying dedicated bone-conduction handsfree headset or personal headset which you connect conversion adapter to commercially available headset.
Bone-conduction handsfree headset or conversion adapter are available from the link “Sale” in the top page.
- Detail Instructions
(1) Features of Chewing training
A) You can set a number of chewing a mouthful and chewing speed. After setting, push start button and counting starts while mouth image will open and close with the setting speed. At the same time, screen flashes or vibrates (this is an option function).
When you push “Stop” button, it will be recorded as the number of chewing a mouthful to that extent. As time passes by, when it comes to the time you set, it will automatically starts.
Also, it will continue counting until you push stop button.
If you set your chewing speed in this application, just pushing stop button and it will count your number of chewing
Total number of chewing, number of mouthful, average number of chewing per mouthful and other data will be saved and can confirm by chart.
B) When you push “Start” button, registered sound will play automatically or you can listen to counting sounds(Dogs, cats, and other animal sound, etc) you set.
The music files can be selected from iPod(music).
--How to play recorded sounds(voice memo) by iPhone--
1)Record sound using iPhone application called voice memo and save.
2)Connect iPhone to PC, access to iTunes and open Device>>iPhone.
3)Check a checkbox that says “Sync music” and push “Sync” button.
4)After sync, make sure your recorded sound is saved in “Recently added sound” or “Recently played sound.
5)Reconnect again after you disconnected and check a checkbox that says “Recently added sound” or “Recently played sound “ at Music>>Playlist screen and push “Sync” button.
Make sure the sound is saved in iPod (Music).
6)Finish registering your recorded sound by selecting from iPod music list at “Favorite sound registering” screen.
C) If you want your image displayed, you can switch to your favorite image which are taken by iPhone or downloaded in iPhone which are saved at Favorite image register screen.
(2) “Count chewing Automatically” screen
It will pick up chewing sounds by bone-conduction microphone when you are actually eating. And it will count your number of chewing automatically using dedicated or personal bone-conduction handsfree headset (or bone-conduction cannula headset).
(We do not recommend automatic count under conversation because it also will count conversational sound)
There is same function as training display, like playing music (or sound) by pushing “Start” button.
However, it will not vibrate. You set detection level, time of mouthful (interval between 1st mouthful to 2nd mouthful) and other settings in the setting screen.
(30chews at a mouthful: Gumtra Coaching)
Settings: Set "Chewing speed" to "1.0 second per chew".
When you chew 30 times, chime will ring.
Stop chewing when you hear this sound.
Start chewing again when you hear Tick tick sound.

Nyheter i version 1.1.1

bug fixes


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  • Gratis
  • Kategori: Medicin
  • Uppdaterad:
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Storlek: 1.2 MB
  • Språk: engelska, japanska
  • Utvecklare:

Kompatibilitet: Kräver iOS 3.2 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.


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