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This App teaches the way of selecting the numbers of PowerBall

The way of selecting the numbers is very easy. You only push the red button to select numbers. Five numbers come out in the screen according to a different algorithm. These algorithms were produced with the research of our lottery. We analyze past data of the lottery.

It has been understood to be astounded as a result of the analysis. There was bias in the numbers of the lottery with. In addition, we did the research on bias of the numbers of the lottery repeatedly. The algorithm of putting out the numbers that used this bias was devised finally. This software picks out the numbers instead of you. You only pick out a favorite numbers from these five numbers.

There are 5 ways of picking out "your numbers".

This algorithm is based on the research of our random numbers.
High frequency numbers (from 1 to 5)
Algorithm is based on analysis about frequency of past win numbers of lotto. This algorithm sequentially chooses the numbers from a small number.
Low frequency numbers (from 1 to 5)
This algorithm also sequentially chooses the numbers from a small number.
High frequency numbers (from 5 to 1)
This algorithm also picks out numbers based on analysis about frequency of past numbers. But this method sequentially picks out the numbers from a big number.
Low frequency numbers (from 5 to 1)
This method similar to #3. The numbers are picked out from lower frequency sets of numbers.
About the picture used for the icon etc.
These are seven gods which are called "Sichi-Fuku-Jin" in Japanese. These "Kami-sama" take the ship named the treasure ship together. It is said that they will bring good luck.

"Kami-sama" is translated into god usually. As for the one that is called "Kami-sama" in Japan, the meaning is greatly different from the god in the West. There are eight million "Kami-sama" in Japan. The figure of eight million is the meanings of abounding very much. The Japanese might be considering "Kami-sama" like a very wise ancestor.

These seven "Kami-sama" have the role.

Left of the title: "Bisyamonten" It is a "Kami-sama" for the game of skill. Right of the title:"Fukurokuju" It is a "Kami-sama" for the virtue.

Line1:"Ebisu" It is a "Kami-sama" for the business prosperity.

Line2:"Daikokuten" It is a "Kami-sama" for the good harvest.

Line3:"Benziten" It is a "Kami-sama" for study.

Line4:"Hotei-osho" It is a "Kami-sama" for the marriage and a lot of children's giving birth.

Line5:"Jurouzin" It is a "Kami-sama" for the long life.

About start button
This red fish is called "Tai" in Japanese. The Japanese word for sea bream, "Tai", sounds similar to the word "mede-tai" or "felicity" and, what is more, it is auspiciously red in color.

Note:The creators of this application cannot take credit nor responsibility for the numbers you have chosen through your abilities nor can we control in any way the results you receive.


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  • Version: 1.090706
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  • Språk: engelska
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Kompatibilitet: Kräver iOS 2.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.


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