Play any synth or virtual instrument with your trusted old guitar, or record tablature by playing it.

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MIDI Guitar is the World’s first app to transcribe guitar playing into MIDI in real-time, with latency and accuracy comparable to expensive and inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions.

MIDI guitar is 8 years under development(!) and based upon new advanced in polyphonic pitch detection and –prediction technology that can accurately recognize guitar playing and -articulation with very low latency and without spurious hits. The technology has been tested by thousands of beta testers.

MIDI Guitar use Virtual MIDI to drive other iOS synth apps or Garageband. It can also use WIFI-MIDI to communicate with Mac or PC digital audio workstations in a frictionless setup. Cable-based MIDI to control hardware synths or connect to DAWs with lowest possible latency.

In order to use MIDI Guitar you need a iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod 6 or later. You also need a guitar interface for best results. We recommend a digital interface (using the lightning connector) over analog (via headphone jack), preferably with input gain control. Using an acoustic guitar with the built in microphone works for some purposes but is not optimal.

The free version will interrupt now and then, asking you to buy an in-app purchase. There are two in-app purchases. The first one gives you the full guitar rig and unlocks everything in the app EXCEPT the possibility to play external synths. For that you need the second in-app purchase, in addition.

If you have problems please refer to the built-in interactive help system, browse our website: or email our support (via the contact form on our website).


Version 2.1.3

MIDI Guitar 2 is finally here on iOS!
Everything is improved. Tracking in particular.
ATTENTION! old customers: Don't upgrade yet if you have old iDevices (iPad2/3 or iPhone4)
ATTENTION! old customers: Please "Restore" your old purchase in the built-in shop.
More info at

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The possibilities are endless, write now using it to send acoustic bass to control string sections on Logic 9, also qqused it with garageband, I also tried using it on an old iPhone 3GS but got lag but from iphone4s onwards eits like having a Roland guitar Keyboard if you have a good interface, I use an apogee jam thru the retina iPad and used different guitars and basses sending to DAW and the possibilities are endlessp

So user friendly


It's easy to get started and it works surprisingly well. The software distinguishes between the notes pretty well, but it has some difficulties in very low and very high notes where it sometimes interpret overtones as another base note. One way to avoid this is to transpose up or down in your DAW software. You can setup your guitar's input level to get the best velocity range for you midi. When set correct it works very well.

I havent managed to make all the midi modes working yet. Haven't spent any time on them, so I'm not gonna rate those different functions. But as a midi translator for your guitar, it is just great. And the idea of having it all in your smartphone is just super smart.

I'll wait, and get back to the reviews when i'm able to give it 5 / 5 stars.


Try it out!

Nik Ahmadi

This is one of my favorite apps. I am not using my Sonuus any more. And I am planing to purchase the desktop version of this app too.
Keep up the good work!


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17 MB
Kräver iOS 7.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
Åldersgräns 4+
© 2016 Jam Origin
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