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Course For Media Composer 6 106 - Color Correction FX & Compositing

Från Nonlinear Educating Inc.

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Check out this 50-video exploration of Media Composer’s vast array of advanced features and FX in this “feature” packed tutorial by Adobe Mater Trainer, Jeff Greenberg...
Transitions, special FX, Time Warp, Motion FX, 3D Warp, Color Correction –Media Composer can handle just about anything. And in this massive 50-video tutorial by Adobe Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg you’ll get a chance to see MC6 in action.

Jeff starts out with a look at the basics: at Transitions. Here you’ll learn all about adding quick and multiple transitions and see how to use the Smart transition tool to help streamline your workflow. From there you’re off to build custom transitions in the Effect Editor. Discover how to create various types of Dips and Wipes and how they can be used in the context of a production.

Jeff then dives into the more complex Special Effects including Picture-in-Picture, Resizing, Stabilization, Illusions as well as Pans and Zooms. 3D, Motion, and Timewarps are also covered in detail. You’ll learn all about Media Composer’s Nesting techniques which can really add flexibility to your production workflow.

Finally, Jeff touches things up with an overview of Color Correction. This is where you’ll study all of MC6’s Color Correction tools including Auto HSL, Curves and Shot Matching.

Table of contents:

1. Quick Transitions
2. Multiple Transitions
3. Transition Manipulation Tool
4. Removing Effects
5. Section 1 Review
6. The Effect Palette and Effect Editor
7. Customizing a Dip to Color
8. Customizing a Wipe
9. Other Transitions and Plasma Wipe
10. Section 2 Review
11. Using a Resize Effect
12. Using a PIP Effect
13. Basics of Animation With Resize
14. Basics of Keyframe Graph With PIP
15. Section 3 Review
16. Fluid Stabilizer
17. Reformat for Mixing HD and SD Footage
18. Applying to a Track - Timecode Gen and Masks
19. Illusion FX
20. Pan and Scan of Hi-res Images
21. Section 4 Review
22. Basics of the 3D Warp
23. PIP With 3D Warp and Keyframe Interpolation
24. Promoting FX & Multiple Tracks
25. 3D Titles and Utilizing Blurs
26. Section 5 Review
27. Real Time FX, Quality and Performance
28. Saving Effects
29. Saving Title Effects & Clip Effect
30. Rendering and Expert Render
31. Section 6 Review
32. Motion FX
33. Motion FX Render Types
34. Timewarp Presets and Trim to Fill
35. Motion FX to Timewarps and Variable Speeds
36. Using the Position Graph
37. Rendering Styles and Fluidmotion
38. Section 7 Review
39. Autonesting
40. Basic Nesting
41. Advanced Nesting
42. Rendering Nests, Collapsing and Uncollapsing
43. Section 8 Review
44. Intro to Color Correction Toolset
45. Auto HSL
46. Auto Curves
47. Autocorrecting a Timeline Quickly
48. Saving Corrections and Matching Shots
49. Safe Color Limiter
50. Conclusion


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Course For Media Composer 6 106 - Color Correction FX & Compositing
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