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Oovium makes my geek heart flutter.
- Anne Wind

This app is a thing of beauty.
- W Smith Jr

Wow I love this
- OkeyMor57

22nd century calculating
- bill knighton

This will become Hari Seldon’s Prime Radiant some day.
- nicked off

Oovium is not an attempt to rehash old outdated inventions, but it subsumes much of their functionality. The calculator, spreadsheet, concept map, programming language: Oovium is all of them and it's none of them.

Oovium is the first (but certainly not the last) of an entirely new class of app, the calculation sandbox. It has been made possible by the invention of the touch device and Oovium's clean, efficient and tactile interface, designed for such devices, has been part of its DNA since its inception.

At its heart, Oovium aspires to make powerful, sophisticated and complex abilities (such as those currently available only to programmers) accessible to a wider audience. Oovium understands that increasing accessibility does not mean dumbing down an application by hiding complex functionality, it means making that complex functionality understandable by creating explicit visual representations for it.

The workspace of Oovium is a two-dimensional surface known as the Aether. Upon this aether a user can place Bubbles. There are currently four types of bubbles:
- InstBub is an instance of an object, usually a number, which in turn may be the result of an expression.
- MechBub allows the user to define their own functions.
- GridBub allows for a tabular arrangement of numbers and expressions similar to a spreadsheet.
- TextBub is a node that can be connected to other TextBub nodes in order to create concept maps.

These bubbles can be connected to each other in order to render sophisticated calculations in a visual (and aesthetic) way. Libraries of custom functions can be developed and included in other aethers when needed.

The concept of Oovium has six different aspects; in its current form it contains only one of these six aspects. It is a highly ambitious project with much more planned, that hopes to empower users; it hopes to change the way people think about and work with their computers; in short, it hopes to change the world! Come help drive its functionality; come help make Oovium happen!

Nyheter i version 1.1.4

- IfBub : A visual conditional that can be used instead of the in-bubble 'if' function. Aside from its visual representation, it also has the advantage of only evalutating the appropriate resultant. This makes the IfBub very useful in creating recursive functions without needing to use the Function data type.

- TailBub : A new type of a MechBub specifically designed for creating recursive functions, greatly simplifing the ability to create loops. The TailBub's visual structure guides the user in creating a tail call optimized recursion which has performance advantages over MechBub recursion, but more importantly eliminates the 500 loop limit of the MechBub. (The TailBub will process for up to 1 second, which allow for signficantly more iterations)

- CronBub : Allows for the creation of a timer that increments its value periodically based on input parameters. The utility of the CronBub, is perhaps a bit limited at this point, but it will become an essential tool for modeling and animating with the arrival of the 2nd aspect of Oovium.

- TypeBub : Allows for the mapping of entities and relationships. Currently, the TypeBub is not integrated with the other bubble types of Oovium and is a faint shadow of it's ultimate functionality. However, it has been slipped into this version both as a preview of future attractions and because even in it's current form, it can be useful in creating some simple diagrams.

- [!,&,|] - the 'not' !, 'and' & and 'or' | operators have been added to the Lexicon

- The resolution of exported images has been increased to match the retina display. There are still plans to create a vector output, but that hasn't been done yet.

- In conjunction with the conversion of Oovium to OS X, once again massive under-the-cover refactoring has occurred with this version, including the conversion to the ARC memory model, a revamp of the Hover mechanism, some tweaks to the Math engine and major restructing of the Bubble system to allow for easier creation of new Bubbles, although more work is still needed with that.


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Den här appen är utvecklad för både iPhone och iPad
  • 95,00 kr
  • Kategori: Produktivitet
  • Uppdaterad:
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Storlek: 3.8 MB
  • Språk: engelska, japanska, tyska
  • Utvecklare:

Kompatibilitet: Kräver iOS 5.1 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch. Appen är optimerad för iPhone 5.


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