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Record your voice, your fridge, your neighbour's dog or let your computer speak and make loops and rhythms out of the sounds immediately.
RealBeat concentrates on simplicity and fast results. No steep learning curve or cluttered screens! Get creative in an instant!

RealBeat is a sampler software that enables you to record sounds, cut and loop them and create rhythms out of them. It also features an easy way to let your computer speak in different voices and use it as a source material for rhythms and loops. Finally you can export created tracks as ringtones to your iPhone (via iTunes).

* Simple interface
* Sampler (record sounds easily)
* Export track as ringtone (make your own ringtones)
* Text to Speech (let your computer speak for you)
* Auto sample (samples short samples automatically based on a threshold)
* Looping of sounds
* Modify the sound (pitch, reverse, distortion, reverb, ...)
* Sequencer (make rhythms)
* Semi-automatic rhythm creation
* Patterns (modify the rhythm easily)
* Export sounds
* Resample sounds
* Works with internal microphone (or line-in) and external sound interfaces

RealBeat is not a fully fledged sequencer or sound software it rather offers simple and fast access to sampling and manipulating recorded sounds live or at home. Don't expect a feature-laden software but lots of fun with your own samples & sounds.

Nyheter i version 1.5.2

* bug fixes (works now on OSX 10.10 correctly)

* had to remove the crash reporter. so please if there's a crash please use the Contact Developer function to tell me.

* new icon


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Not happy.

Like a robbery.. So bad. Total waist of money. Absolute sh-t.

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  • 59,00 kr
  • Kategori: Musik
  • Uppdaterad:
  • Version: 1.5.2
  • Storlek: 2.5 MB
  • Språk: engelska
  • Utvecklare:

Kompatibilitet: OS X 10.6 eller senare, 64-bitars processor


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