ShoppingList is the first and one of the most used shopping list apps for the iPhone.

With ShoppingList you have your shopping list on your iPhone or iPod touch.

So you can benefit of a multiplicity of advantages:
• simply add, remove and rearrange the individual entries
• group products by category
• add amount (also nonstandard measurements)
• add prices (ShoppingList automatically calculates the sum)
• have as many lists as you want
• comfortably choose from your recent and frequently used products
• Dropbox sync: Lists are automatically synchronized between devices
• Barcode scanner: products can be easily entered by scanning their barcode

ShoppingList is consequently designed for iPhone OS and focused on user-friendliness. So you can immediately use it, without having to study a manual.

Have your shopping list always there, just like your iPhone or iPod, always ready when you come up with something, that you want to buy.


Version 3.7.3

- Bugfixes and stability improvements

New in release 3.7:
- Improved compatibility with iOS 11
- Adjusted layout for iPhone X
- New database export for direct sharing and saving the database

Betyg och recensioner

Great app!


Thanks so much for the app - been using it since it came out! I've recently noticed that when synced to Dropbox, the ticked off (greyed out) items in lists no longer maintain the order of "last used on top" in the list. Meaning that the most recently purchased items do not stay on top of the list - the list gets all scrambled instead. Just a detail, but maybe it's fixable?

Wow seriously useful


I get to show off my iPod whilst doing the weekly shop.



Could realy use some kind off filtering when you have many items. Takes to long time to find an item.


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Kräver iOS 9.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
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