- METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, Weather Charts and more
- completely decoded weather reports for faster and better briefings
- 40,000 airports
- Live TAF breaks down forecast assessment to a matter of seconds

Check out StationWeather Lite - it's free!

Forget raw weather reports.
When you go flying with StationWeather, you will speed up your weather briefing to a few seconds, while getting an even better understanding of current and forecast situations than you ever could with raw reports.

By completely decoding METAR and TAF reports, StationWeather is able to present the data in an intuitive way that you will get with no other weather app.
Analyze a complete METAR report at a glance. Then go to Live TAF, select the times that are of interest to you, and see the complete weather valid at that time - presented on a beautiful and unique user interface.

If you'll need to check NOTAMs, just do so with a tap.

More than 600 weather charts such as surface winds, upper winds and significant weather charts are available for all ICAO regions.

By getting access to over 40,000 stations, you will find the one you're looking for. If a station does not publish weather, you can select a nearby station to display weather alongside your station instead.


Version 6.1.2

Weather reports are now showing the correct publishing time again.

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5 betyg
Pilotspelman ,

Very promising concept!

This app certainly makes it easier to interpret long and complicated TAF! However, it takes quite a long time before it is up and running, and showing the results. Maybe the cause is fetching a lot of data since I have defined a lot of clips. For my convenience, I have defined a clip "for each aerodrome", named with the aerodrome IATA code, and containing the aerodrome including relevant destination alternates ordered after distance from the aerodrome (the destination). In this respect, the app "Airports" has a better structure, where it is possible to define destination alternates for each aerodrome.

Wishlist: Possibility to define alternates ("customized alternates", sorted by distance) for each aerodrome, possibility to define customized minima for each aerodrome for better/quicker overview.

The operational minima vary significantly between airports, from "spartan" NDB approaches at Greek islands to CAT III at main hubs. Even the minima for non-precision approaches vary significantly between aerodromes. The direction and velocity of the wind also may influence the usable approach and minima significantly, so if possible, that parameter could also be included in the aerodrome customization.

Another wishlist item related to the minima would be a "+/- one-hour-box" that changes color related to the relevant wx/minima at the selected ETA.


Oliver Puetz
34.4 MB

Kräver iOS 8.1 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.



Åldersgräns 4+
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