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Swing it Pro

Av Golfig AB

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Swing it Pro is the golf video analysis tool for the serious golfer and golf instructors.

Use Swing it to compare swing videos side-by-side, or on top of each other. Draw graphics to analyze how the golfer has set-up or any movement. Set key-points and analyze the tempo / rhythm. Import slow-motion videos and see what's really happening in the golf swing. Export videos including the drawn graphics. Create pdf-files with frames from the key-positions. Record the session and send to the student.

Highlights include
* Import movies from disk or camera
* Export movies with draw graphics
* Merge two movies to one, side-by-side
* Trim, rotate, mirror movies
* Strip movies, i.e. remove every other frame to reduce FPS
* Synchronize movies

* Unlimited number of movies displayed simultaneously (restricted by screen size and CPU)
* Video windows can be made semi-transparent so it's easier to compare swings
* Playback at any speed
* Play/step/scrub all movies simultaneously
* Slow-motion movies handled
* Create reference frames making it easer to compare swings

* Drawing tools include line, circle, rectangle, angle, plane, text
* Draw objects permanently (entire movie) or temporary (only a few frames)
* Crop video

* Set up to 10 key positions in the swing
* Quickly jump to the 10 key positions to compare swings / videos
* Tempo / rhythm information

* Record the screen session / lesson
* Use movie filters
* Create pdf-files with key positions (filmstrip)
* Track movements in movies (clubhead, ball path)
* Create notes about the lesson, searchable in Spotlight

Some user input:
"I´ve used Swing It for 2 years and I'm very satisfied. It has lots of functionality and it works on my Mac:-)
I use Swing It for many purposes: in full swing analyses, putt analyses, wedge analyses, feedback instrument and as an education for students.
High Speed Cameras works with Swing it without problems, and that is important for me. I use high speed cameras all the time and Swing It helps me a lot. I can adjust frame per second and use it for many purposes.
Swing It has all the drawing tools needed and some more.
Tempo/Rhythm is important in golf, Swing It helps you calculate the rhythm and measure the tempo of all shots recorded.
I'm very happy to continue using Swing It"

- Martin Pettersson, member PGA Sweden

Nyheter i version 1.0.26

* A new scroller in bottom of moviewindow
* Correct placement of drawings when doing rotation
* Recognition of more high-spped movies
* Fixed Play all movie from keyboard
* Default directory for Open panel works
* Fixed Export drawings including crop
* Fixed a crash when mailing files from the Drop box
* Fixed a problem with temporary drawings not being shown when a movie window was closed
* The state of the panels are saved when the app quits
* An image cannot have fps


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Swing it Pro
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  • Version: 1.0.26
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Kompatibilitet: OS X 10.6.6 eller senare


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