Enjoy stress-free time management with the new & improved Time TIMER for iPhone (iOS 8 upgrade) – an award-winning visual timer.

Take advantage of the ability to customize, save and reuse timers (with names, color, alert options, timer scale, etc.). The Time TIMER® for iPhone app. is designed to keep activities stress-free and easy. It has a refreshed look, new functionality and improved performance features.

Time TIMER® for iPhone is the original timer designed to “show” the passage of time through the use of its signature red disk that disappears as time elapses. Unlike traditional timers that fail to make the abstract concept of time concrete, its innovative and visual depiction of “time remaining” is ideal for anyone who wants to measure and manage time more effectively at work, school and home.

Benefits can be game-changing:

In education…Time Timers are used around the world to manage classrooms and help students see and understand the passage of time, making transitions less stressful.

At home…parents and children rely on Time Timer to make homework, practice and daily routines more peaceful.

At work…its at-a-glance depiction of time improves productivity, accountability and keeps meetings and presentations focused.

In special needs…Time Timer helps children and adults feel relaxed, independent and engaged.

Enjoy what’s new:

- Set-By-Touch (Touch and drag to set a quick-start timer.)
- Set-with-Options (Customize and save timers for common routines, or any situation. Options include a “60 Minutes” format, in which the disk is always a fraction of 60 min. and operates like the original Time Timer. Or, a “Custom” mode, where the disk is scaled to any timer duration and can represent any period of time from 1 sec. to 99 hrs. Color and alert options are also available.)
- Play Bar (A new tool that visually depicts how many times a timer will play. Synchronized with elapsing time; each bar represents the number of timers that are set to repeat. Allows up to 99 continuous plays for a single timer.)
- Horizontal or Vertical Display (View timers in either position.)
- List View (Saved timers are segmented based on whether they are running (Active) or not (Inactive). Able to store up to 99 timers. Left-swipe allows easy access to timer Settings, Play or Close functions.)
- Awake Mode (Keeps the device from falling asleep when the app is open.)
- Continuous Alert (Extends the alert when a timer runs out until it is dismissed.)
- Alert Icons (turn on/off audible and vibrate alerts while timer is “Active”.)
- Apple TV (Push timers to TV monitors or interactive whiteboards using AirPlay).

AWARDS: 2013 Edison Award for Innovation Winner (Productivity Category).
FEATURED IN: Better Homes & Gardens and The Huffington Post.

Questions? support@timetimer.com
Find more Time Timer products at http://timetimer.com


Version 3.1.3

- Fixed version number displayed in the app


Psst! Did you know that iOS4 is here?


Multitasking??! Hey, wake up, guys!

Could be a nice app


The idea is nice, its realization however, is not. The most irritating thing about this app is that they have to display some kind of "loading"/"splash" screen for a couple of seconds each time you start the app, and this sucks big time as you often don't have a second to waste, and waiting for it to "load" (ie display a meaningless screen) is enough for me to stop using this app. Another frustrating thing is that this app fails to remind you when time's up when in background mode (there are several other apps that do not require you to have them "in foreground" in order to show you reminders). On top of this we have the absurd price, which I assumed would be motivated by a well thought-out app (it wasn't).

Don't get me wrong, this app has potential to be useful, but for that all issues mentioned above must be fixed. And yes, there is one thing about this app that I do like, and that's that it lets you have a consistent time measure (ie a minute is always represented by the same area in the graphics). This is something that I miss in Task Timer (which I currently prefer for several reasons).



Grym app, men ser buggig ut i widescreen.


Time Timer LLC
21.2 MB
Kräver iOS 8.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
danska, engelska, franska, japanska, nederländska, portugisiska, spanska, tyska
Åldersgräns 4+
© 2017 Time Timer LLC
30,00 kr


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