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Find new venues with great beers, anywhere in the world
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Version 3.2.1

New in 3.2.1

- Swipe between photos on beers, breweries, venues, and profiles
- Profile Photo selector adds square crop
- Event displays check-in activity of check-ins at the event
- Restyled @ mentions in check-ins and comments
- See and manage notification settings for all friends from your profile
- Haptic feature for check-in and other buttons in the app

Bugs / Fixes:
- Blocked user profiles display correct content
- For venues with short names, we now return location results for searches with 1-3 characters
- Flavor profile tags now save the order that they were selected
- Friend's check-in location displayed in push notifications
- Accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
- Show status of venue notifications on post check-in card
- Moving an item from list to list copies all metadata with it


4.2 av 5

13 betyg

13 betyg



When adding pic It sometimes does not come up in check in


Jesper Nordström

Suverän app för er ölälskare där ute, lite som ett community fast med öl 😁


Ma Joren

There are some quirks. Hanging on checking, interface screw up. Still slow cause it still is the web app you are running. This app only brings photo uploads which is awesome. If you dont want to upload photos you are better off we running the normal webapp. Im still waiting for a real native app.


Untappd, Inc
62.9 MB
Mat och dryck
Kräver iOS 9.3 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.
engelska, franska, italienska, nederländska, tyska
Du måste vara minst 17 år för att få hämta denna app.
Obegränsad tillgång till internet
Ofta förekommande/intensiv användning av eller referenser till alkohol, tobak eller droger
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