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St. Louis electronic artist Joseph Raglani experiments with meditative drones and static washes to create ambient landscapes made from sound waves. Citing filmmakers Werner Herzog and Jean-Luc Godard as major influences, as well as a plethora of experimental minimalists, space rock pioneers, and noise artists (Nurse with Wound, Cluster, and Merzbow, to name a few), his music also borrows from the shoegazer songbooks to create layer upon layer of white noise. Rather than using guitar distortion as a backbone for his songs, though, he relies almost exclusively on twiddling knobs and using various filters to create a mushy sonic effect, more sleepy than offensive. Previously using Ghost Ice as a moniker for an abrasive noise project, he gradually developed an interest in painting dreamy textures using analog synthesizers and started using his surname. After loosely shopping around a limited-edition CD-R, Raglani found a perfect match with Kranky, and in 2008, Of Sirens Born was released.

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