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Under the name ShitKid, Swedish anti-pop singer/songwriter Åsa Söderqvist uses elements of lo-fi and garage-punk to make abrasive but engaging music that lives far from the mainstream. Fish, her 2017 debut album for outsider label PNKSLM Records, helped raise her profile internationally and paved the way for an EP and a bevy of follow-up singles.

A native of Kramfors, Söderqvist left her home in the north of Sweden at age 16, heading to Gothenburg, where she began making her first lo-fi recordings. She played for a while in a feminist post-punk band, though on-stage she frequently suffered from bouts of anxiety and often resorted to self-medicating with alcohol. In 2015, she uploaded a handful of solo tracks she'd recorded at home on cobbled-together gear and an old computer rig. Self-released as ShitKid, Söderqvist's songs were alternately raw, witty, and oddly captivating, made up of scuffy drum machine beats, guitars, bass, and whatever was at hand. The songs found a wider audience and encouraged Söderqvist to reach out to Stockholm label PNKSLM Records, which released her debut single, "Oh Please Be a Cocky Cool Kid," and her debut eponymous EP. Finding her footing as a performer, Söderqvist spent the remainder of 2016 on tour in Europe. Early 2017 saw the release of both her second EP, 2, and her full-length debut, Fish. A third EP, This Is It, arrived in 2018 and was followed over the next year by a handful of singles including "SuMmEr BrEaK" and "RoMaNcE." ~ Liam Martin


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