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The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Unabridged)

av Daniel Friberg

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The Right is coming back. After decades of humiliation and political failures, the opposition is reorganizing, catching up with the times, and getting itself in order. It is none too soon. Europe faces numerous challenges, challenges which the entrenched, incompetent elites of politics, academia, and the mass media are unable and unwilling to confront. Uncontrolled immigration, the mindless waste of resources, and destruction wrought by consumer society upon the very core of Western man - these are problems posing questions which the "establishment" cannot answer.  The New Right can, and does. In this brief audiobook, the listener will find a number of highly topical essays by the Swedish activist, Daniel Friberg. They are aimed at anyone who is or would like to take part in the true opposition which both Europe and her children around the world so sorely need. They include both practical tips as well as a brief overview of some of the concepts, issues, and ideas with which the New Right is primarily concerned.

Daniel Friberg, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Unabridged)
Visa i iTunes 125,00 kr
  • Berättare: Martin Locker
  • Publicerad: 2019
  • Kategori: Fakta
  • Utgivare: Arktos Media Ltd.
  • Presenterad av


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