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Key Trends in Africa

från CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies

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The CSIS Key Trends in Africa course is designed to provide research and analysis on ongoing developments on the continent and U.S. policy toward Africa. The course focuses on governance, economics, health and development, and security trends on the continent.

It is curated from content produced by the CSIS Africa Program, including publications, events, interviews, and multimedia. The program pursues a broad research agenda, identifying and exploring emerging political, economic, social, and security developments on the continent. Program staff regularly engage with officials in Congress, the State Department, the Department of Defense, and the White House, as well as with government officials from various African countries. The program also provides a platform to visiting African opinion leaders and seeks to integrate African perspectives into the Washington policy dialogue. 

1. Governance: This section focuses on the political landscape in various African countries and the events and moments that shape those countries. 

2. Security: This section seeks to understand current security threats within countries and across the continent, anticipate future risks of instability, and examine current U.S. and international security initiatives.

3. Economics: This section explores evolving economic dynamics across the continent. In the last decade, African economies have been buoyed by high commodity prices, improved fiscal governance, the growth of a consumer class, and a rapidly expanding working-age population. How can investors harness these positive trends while combating remaining investment barriers like underdeveloped markets, poor infrastructure, and negative perceptions of the continent?

4. Health and Development: This section highlights African priorities and perspectives in global health debates. It focuses on three broad areas: first, increasing African responsibility in designing and implementing national health strategies; second, exploring ways to build African health capacity which will provide successful and sustainable options for future needs in Africa; and third, how the U.S. is engaging African governments on global health concerns.
Key Trends in Africa
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