A middle-aged cattle baron, George Washington McLintock (John Wayne) has his hands full with his estranged wife (played by Maureen O'Hara), who walked out on him 2 years before without any explanation and returns to get a divorce in order to move out east for good with their daughter Becky (Stephanie Powers). Things on the cattle ranch aren't that rosy either he's got government officials underfoot, an inept Indian agent and a corrupt land agent pushing farm land on homesteaders who are pouring in to farm on land barely adequate for cattle to graze on. The short sighted territorial governor and the government back east are trying to push the Indians - whose chiefs are some of McLintock's oldest enemies and his best and most honored friends - by shipping them off to a reservation. Part battle-of-the-sexes and part political tract, this set-up makes for a sprawling comedy Western with serious overtones. Hilarious, unrelenting slapstick with a mud-pit fight and a spanking scene thrown in (note the tagline: "Wallops the daylights out of every Western you've ever seen!") this is downright fun with a mass appeal.

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