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About Marcel Coenen

Marcel Coenen was born in the Netherlands in 1972. He began playing guitar at the age of 11, coming from a musical family. After playing in some lesser-known groups, Coenen joined up with a new band called Speedica. That group released one CD. By 1994, after some lineup changes, that group's name was changed to Form. They recorded a CD that year entitled I Choose My Own. The same year, Coenen started his own group called Aura. They sent out a demo tape around that time and got a contract with Magna Carta. However, before the album was released, they changed their name to Lemur Voice. Lemur Voice released one album, Insights. In 1998, Coenen started a project called Sun Caged. He also rejoined Form, having quit that group some time earlier. ~ Gary Hill

21 Sep 1972