The film depicts a day in a HDB block of residential flats in Singapore with all the action occurring within a 24-hour period. There are essentially three main storylines: China Bride Ah Gu (Jack Neo), a middle-aged man has brought home a pretty young wife from China (Quan Yifeng), but he has to cope with her overly high expectations, and hence increasing frustration and disappointment with life in Singapore.San SanSan San (Lucilla Teoh) lives alone with only suicide on her mind. A meeting with the daughter of her mother's former employer, Rachel (Neo Swee Lin) acts as a trigger for an outpouring of sadness.Sister's KeeperWith parents away, upright but overbearing eldest brother Meng (Koh Boon Pin) takes the opportunity to lord it over his rebellious younger sister, Trixie (Lum May Yee) and little brother Tee (Roderick Lim). Meng's persistent interest in Trixie's personal life leads to first, an interrogation, then an argument, and ultimately something far more explosive.

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