A beautiful CEO, Jin, is heart-broken from her previous relationship and decides to search for a potential partner for her child by hiring an assistant. After rounds of tedious interviews, she offers Bo, a courier guy, a package so attractive that no one could resist. Jin is the worst boss one could ever imagine but Bo keeps his cool and unexpectedly passes the probation period. At this point, Jin tells Bo her real motive to hiring an assistant. Bo is dumbfounded! Despite Jin's effortless pretense to act cold in her elegant, French chic style, Bo finds her a kind-hearted person and delicate in nature. One night over drinks, Jin shares with him her deepest secret. They grow close and intimate. The pair goes to Paris and is romantically involved. Jin becomes pregnant but she decides to break up with Bo, with her haunting fear to be hurt again. Bo goes home, missing Jin and his unborn child dearly, makes them a precious gift. He is elated when he receives a "I need you" message from Jin. Bo later discovers the hidden truth behind the message, when he arrives Paris...

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Bona Entertainment Company Limited
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Cantonese (Stereo, Dolby)
English (Subtitled), Simplified Chinese (Subtitled), Traditional Chinese (Subtitled)

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