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Gate is a free noise project of New Zealander Michael Morley, which began in the mid-'90s. Morley, who has also played in Dead C. and Precious Metal Inc., performed the thick, sonic improvisations that are characteristic of Gate on a tour with Keiji Haino and Thurston Moore in 1994. One of Gate's more widely available recordings, Live in Boston/NYC 1994 (Poon Village), comes from that year and features Lee Ranaldo and Zeena Parkins. Ranaldo and Morley also recorded in the studio, although this material has yet to be released. Gate has several subsequent releases on the Table of the Elements label, including Monolake (1997) and The Wisher Table (1999), as well as other releases on smaller independent labels such as Go For It and Siltbreeze. ~ Joslyn Layne

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