Yumurí y Sus Hermanos

Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos, one of Cuba’s most successful bands of the mid-90s, were formed by Yumuri (b. Moises Rafael Valle Moleiro, Cuba) after several years as band leader with Orquesta Reve. Despite that group’s international and local success, Yumuri had always harboured ambitions to lead his own band, and finally established this new group with his brothers Pedro (alto saxophone), Osvaldo (tenor saxophone, flute) and Luis Alberto (trumpet) in the early 90s (Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos literally translates as Yumuri And His Brothers). They quickly became firm favourites on the Havana live circuit, with their music a mixture of Cuban styles such as son, cha-cha and salsa, as well as imported traditions such as jazz funk. The group received numerous offers to tour internationally, Yumuri eventually accepting a commission from a consortium of Japanese owners to take a residency at a Cuban restaurant situated in the affluent Shibuya district of Tokyo. Fans of Cuban music soon flocked to that eaterie, entitled Muchaka, which also became a mecca for Japanese-based salsa musicians such as Orquesta Del Sol and Orquesta De La Luz. The success of this venture eventually led to a recording contract, and the release of the group’s debut album, Provocación.

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