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Born at a very young age to parents with good genetic codes, Rob Theakston signed with Team All Music Guide as a free agent in 2000. He is a technical editor, but makes the occasional foray into review-writing territory when they let him out of the data cage made of ones and zeroes. A frequent contributor to various publications worldwide, he's also spent several years working in the Detroit electronic music community, working alongside Carl Craig's Planet E Communications and Ann Arbor's Ghostly International labels. In his free time, Rob enjoys pesto, cilantro, lime, and bread -- though not necessarily in that order.

Other things Rob enjoys: The Mary Tyler Moore Show Soap The West Wing Pugs Long walks on a beach Kenneth Koch Minimalist art Office supply stores Tacos Musical FAQ: First Record Bought: Dynasty by Kiss
First Concert: Billy Joel
Favorite Music Movie: Xanadu
Favorite Music Book: Banned in DC
Favorite Songwriter(s): Goffin & King
Favorite Producer: Brian Wilson
Favorite Record Label: Planet E
Favorite Magazine: Wire
Least Favorite Magazine: Highlights for Children
Favorite Guitarist: Frank Zappa
Least Favorite Guitarist: Dave Matthews
Favorite Album Cover: Revolver
Favorite Session Player(s): James Jamerson, Carol Kaye
Least Favorite Record Label: En Records
Favorite Teen Idol: Bobby Sherman
Artist Who Broke Your Heart: Olivia Newton-John
Artist You Will Always Believe In: Journey
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Johnny Hartman
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Nick Drake
Favorite Sound: werp
Album You Will Always Defend: Get Up With It
Album You Own That No One Else Does: Too many to mention
Classic Album You Own But Don't Like: Damn the Torpedoes
Artist You're Supposed to Like But Don't: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Band That Should Break Up: Interpol
Band That Should Re-form: The Smiths
Guilty Pleasure: Stryper
All-Star Band: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Williams
Musical Era You'd Most Like to Visit: The Birth of Detroit Soul
Concert You Wish You'd Seen: The Smiths ~ Rob Theakston

    Detroit, MI
  • BORN
    Jul 20, 1977

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