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India-born Bikram Ghosh is a master of the tabla. In addition to performing and recording as a soloist, Ghosh has worked with such top-ranked Indian musicians as Ravi Shankar, Aki Akbar Khan, V.M. Bhatt and Tatun Bhattacharya. Ghosh has been surrounded by music throughout his life. His mother, Sanjukta Ghosh, is a classical Indian singer, while, his father, Pandit Shankar Ghosh, was one of the first Indian musicians to perform in the United States, has, and has directed an all-drum orchestra since 1976. At the age of two years old, he used his father's tablas as a childhood toy. Four years later, he formally studied the sarod under Ali Akbar Khan's son, Ustad Dhyanesh Khan. Although he later studied mrdangam under Pandit S. Shekhar, the tabla has remained his instrument of choice. Ghosh, who performed his first concert in Calcutta at the age of ten, spent most of his early years in San Rafael, California. Returning to India to attend middle school, he played congas in school bands. In the Spring of 1997, Ghosh toured the United States with Ravi Shankar. Later that year, he toured with Tatun Bhattacharya. Ghosh holds a msters degree in English Literature. ~ Craig Harris

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